What are microgreens?

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What are microgreens?

Correct Answer: vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed

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Microgreens are vegetable greens that get harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed. They usually are about 1-3 inches tall and come in a rainbow of colors, which has made them famous in recent years as a garnish with chefs.

It can be hard to get all the vitamins and minerals needed every day; there is no reason not to incorporate micros into your diet. Many studies are proving that microgreens are full of nutritional content. Microgreens like red cabbage and sunflower sprouts have up to 69% more nutrients than their mature counterparts. Researchers estimated four essential nutrients in 25 different grown microgreens, including vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and beta-carotene.

Microgreens are expensive, averaging around $25 per pound. If you enjoy growing your vegetables, you are in luck microgreens are urban farmer-friendly. Grow time is about ten days from the time of germination, and many growers report an average harvest from 5 to 6 ounces of microgreens per tray ( 10″ x 20″ ) when grown on a single level, such as a tabletop.

Here is a list of ten microgreens seeds for beginners to grow and the greens grow so fast to assure initial harvest within a week of germination.

Easy for Beginners

  1. Chinese Cabbage (Napa cabbage): easy, quick, beautiful, and flavorful

  2. Radish (red or Daikon): easy, fast, and flavor just like the mature root crop

  3. Turnip: easy, fast, and leaf varieties taste much like the root veggie

  4. Pac Choi (Bok Choy): has many types all are quick and easy to grow

  5. Sesame: fast germination, and you likely already have it in your cupboard

  6. Cress: second-fastest in germination, fastest being the Radish, but very spicy hot

  7. Lettuce: at the true leaf stage, most varieties are beautiful and delicious

  8. Asian Greens: can tolerate both cold and hot temperatures

  9. Endive: easy to grow but can be slow, beautiful bouquet of leaves

  10. Mustard Greens: easy, quick, can be very spicy to taste

Ten More Microgreens Worth Your Extra Effort

  1. Sweet Basil: beautiful and tasty, though a slow and meticulous grower

  2. Sunflower: difficult to take root, but worth its unparalleled flavor

  3. Sorrel or Marjoram: slow growth, but distinguished flavors

  4. Fennel or Dill: delicious herbal flavors, but hard to germinate

  5. Cilantro: very delicious, though difficult to germinate

  6. Carrot: almost sweet flavor, you may never again discard your carrot tops

  7. Beet or Chard: they have very contrasting deep red colors

  8. Pea: rapid high yields from multiple cuttings, but be careful for mold

  9. Red Russian Kale: beautiful at both seed leaf and actual leaf stages

  10. Thai Basil: second only to Sweet Basil, but Thai seeds are costly

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