How to tell if a pineapple is ripe?

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How to tell if a pineapple is ripe?

Correct Answer: Using scent and touch

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A couple of tricks used to pick the perfect pineapple involve evaluating the color, appearance, smell, touch, and weight. Here are a couple of tricks for picking that perfect pineapple.

1. Look for Color Look for a pineapple with healthy and vibrant green leaves. The green leaves represent how fresh the pineapple is. If the exterior of the pineapple is a greenish-yellow hue, then it is considered fully ripe. The pineapples ripen from green to yellow, but if picked, they stop ripening.

2. Squeeze It When you squeeze the pineapple, look for a slightly soft touch with a little give and a firm shell. If a pineapple if very hard, it won't be fully ripe, and if the pineapple has mushy spots, it is starting to rot.

3. Smell It Smelling a pineapple is one of the best ways to tell if it is ripe. Smell for a sweet scent near the bottom and toward the base. If it has the sweet aroma, then it is a ripe pineapple. A bitter odor indicates that it is overripe, while no odor means it is not yet mature.


Pineapple is a large juicy tropical fruit consisting of sweet-smelling edible yellow flesh enclosed by tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft of stiff leaves. Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C, which increases immunity, Manganese for bone health, and Antioxidants to prevent cancers. They can also help enhance weight loss.

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